Building Big Business Strategies.

Helping you to strategically plan your next successful business goals as follows:

  • Vision & Motivation
  • Management & Leadership
  • Self-Awareness & Improvement
  • Life Skills & Confidence

We All Need Help To Build Big Ideas

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Business Services:



Do you have specific goals in mind to achieve? Are you looking for strategies and opportunities to take your personal and/or business finances to the next level? Book a FREE 15 to 30-minute consultation session.


Joint Ventures

Famus Enterprizes, LLC is ALWAYS open to creating partnerships with new and established entrepreneurs. Let’s join together to start and/or grow your business.


CBD Business

Famus Enterprizes, LLC has joined with CTFO (Changing the Future Outcome) to provides tools to empower people in business, and health. Click the link: https://famusenterprizesllc.myctfo.com/


Legal Protection

Famus Enterprizes, LLC has joined with Legal Shield & Identity Theft Shield to offer access to Law Firms and legal services across USA: Ask how to gain access.


Crypto Investments

Famus Enterprizes, LLC has joined with United Investors Group International (UGI) for cryptocurrency investment strategies. Ask about our investment opportunities. 


Real Estate Services

Famus Properties, A Division of Famus Enterprizes, LLC is a premier real estate solutions division.


Credit Repair Services

Coming Soon

About Me

I'll make you famous. Let's strategically plan your next successful big-business idea.
- KG

In his early years, KG found himself looking for more and wanting more than just the average lifestyle. From getting his first job at the age of 15 as a paperboy in Coop City, to majoring in Business Management in high school and then at Bowie State University, KG was always business minded.

Over the last few years, KG has developed an unwavering faith to help people to be goal-oriented, and big-business minded. With an athletic power-driven attitude and martial arts focus, KG is always ready to fight for small entrepreneurs.

Today, KG with his expert knowledge, financial depth, and social skillset, is highly sought after in different business opportunities to deliver project results, growth and success. But wait – that’s not all….. But enough about KG, tell me about you….


What Clients Are Saying

“Great working with you."

Daniel Johnson

“Thanks for the inspiration and practical advice.”

Julia Michele

"Looking forward to our next project."

Robert Green

"I would definitely recommend your services."

Oliver Goodman

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